November 9, 2020

Seeking Perfection

Finding Purpose

Seeking perfection seems like an unimpeachable goal, right?

I grew up thinking that if I were perfect, the world would present itself to me for the taking. 

The cause of my inability to reach a goal or connect with a certain person was that I needed to work harder to be perfect. Want to win that promotion, work harder to be “perfect.” Want to win the affection of a certain person, work hard to be their perfect match. What finally dawned on me was that this can lead to a sense of failure or hollow successes that are not in alignment with my values.

The saying “just be yourself” applies here. But it needs to be thoughtful. Sit down and ask yourself what do I value? Why do I value that? How do I rank my values?

Here’s a good Life Values Inventory: CLICK HERE

Once you figure out what you value you can carefully choose where to apply the standard of perfection, if at all. But always know that in the wise words of Haemin Sunim author of Love for Imperfect Things, “You don’t need to be convinced of your self-worth by taking on society’s demands and living up to its expectations.” If you know what you value and prioritize those values you will live an authentic, purposeful life.

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