December 31, 2020

My Year in Slippers


red slippers with a cat and ball of string

As 2020 draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the year that has passed. There were lots of “big” things but it’s the little things that stand out right now. This morning I noticed that my shoes were trying to get my attention. “Wear us!,” said my fuzzy boots. “No, pick us!” cried my clogs. This year my “go-to” footwear has been my slippers. I think there may be a closet plot afoot (pun intended); The street shoes are planning to pitch the slippers into the trash while I am sleeping.

Comfort is nurturing, restorative and an act of self-care.

The most serious foot hazard on my trip downstairs to my home office is a clump of cat hair. (What do those cats do when we are sleeping?) I wear them because they are cozy. I have always liked slippers and, luckily, have several pairs. Right now, I am favoring my red, boiled wool mule-type slip-ons with the black cat on one foot and a ball of string on the other. The image is playful and fun and who doesn’t need a little of that in their life. The level of sartorial comfort that I’ve experienced working at home is truly liberating. The lesson I learned is to find the good and hang onto it. Comfort is nurturing, restorative and an act of self-care. As we hunker down for the winter, we can assure our shoes that their day will come again. But for now, my feet are squarely planted in my warm and cozy slippers.

Kim McFadden, co-founder of Bleu Laurel Wellness

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