November 11, 2020

Learn How to Meditate


Before trying yoga and meditation I was – to put it charitably – a doubting Thomas. 20 years later, I don’t know how I lived without it.

Just try it!

My advice is to try and suspend any disbelief and just give it a try.

It may feel strange at first. Hang in there and keep going. The most helpful, game-changing advice I received was that meditation doesn’t mean that you will not have thoughts pop into your mind: your To Do list, something you said today that you wish you hadn’t, a meeting tomorrow… You ARE meditating if, when a thought pops into your mind, you notice it but don’t follow it. A helpful analogy is that meditation is just like potty-training a puppy. When the puppy pees inside the house, you place him on the puppy pad or take him outside. When your mind wanders bring it back. The act of bringing your focus back to the breath, mantra or focal point IS meditating. It’s a bonus on the occasions where thoughts do not come to mind.

Need help?

Try downloading the Simply Being app from the App Store. Try or Or here’s a great article from the New York Times:

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