November 19, 2020

Create a Soothing Nighttime Ritual


Follow this simple framework to create a simple, easy, nighttime ritual to give you the NAMASTE FEELS any night, anywhere.

Learn Your Chronotype

Your Chronotype is your body’s own unique time clock. Learning yours will help you better manage tasks the time of the day and night best suited for your bio-individuality. What time is best to get up, perform at work, and yes, when is it best to start the wind down process so you can get a good restful night’s sleep. To learn your chronotype,  go to

Now that you know what time is best for you to go sleep, the next step is to create your nighttime ritual and make it a habit.

Why does this matter? Because by creating daily rituals and habits that work with your chronotype, you are setting yourself for a day of natural ease with the least biological resistance and more likely to drift into a soothing nighttime slumber. 

Create Your Ritual

Take out a piece of paper and write down three things that you find relaxing. Is it reading a good book, taking a hot bubble bath with some lavender oils, lighting a candles, playing soothing music, or a nice cup of chamomile tea?  What are those little stolen moments you treasure? After you have your list, next take your chronotype animal bedtime. (My chronotype, for instance, is a Bear and so my go to sleep time is 11:00). Now subtract two (2) hours from it. This is a guide for the time when you should start your bedtime ritual.  This prepares your body for sleep. By creating a consistent time nightly to start the wind down process will train your brain and nervous system its time to rest, repair and sleep. In James Clear’s book ATOMIC HABITS, he lists four Laws for developing a habit: Make it Obvious, Make it Attractive, Make it Easy, Make it Satisfying.  

Having things you look forward to doing makes creating a ritual easy. Setting a timer to reminder yourself to start your nighttime ritual as well as having the items, you need do your ritual on hand is leveling up!! You can also use this exercise to help you structure other wellness activities into your day to help alleviate stress.

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Nighty Night!!

xoxo Lynn

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