November 11, 2020

Being Present in the Time of Corona


The Corona pandemic has changed the things we took for granted. Our routines are in disarray.

Anxiety. Edginess. Fatigue. Scarcity. Apprehension.

Are you feeling these things? I certainly am. It is normal. Human beings are uncomfortable with uncertainty. You can’t, and wouldn’t want to, control what you feel. However, we all need tools to modulate what we DO with these feelings.

We have all heard how we are supposed to “be present” in the current moment. This is a good goal and promotes enjoyment and grounded-ness. However, in times like these where “normal” has been turned on its head and we are not sure what is going to happen, it helps to balance being present with a long-term view.

My self-talk lately has been, “in a few months we will have a better understanding of how this will play out. For today, I am just going to roll with whatever comes along.” I went to the grocery for chicken and they didn’t have any so I bought eggs. It actually inspired me to come up with a new breakfast scramble that I am thoroughly enjoying. Making lemonade out of lemons as the saying goes.

So, feel what you feel. Process it with the lens of both being present in the current moment and a long-term view. We have all overcome adversity in the past and can apply our reserves to meeting the current challenges. We will persevere and thrive!

With Loving Kindness,


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