At Bleu Laurel Wellness we cut through all of the hype, conflicting information and media noise to give our clients practical strategies to thrive on their own terms. 

We are dedicated to helping you achieve well-being.

Our Story

We met in 2013 at a yoga retreat and it was like we had known each other forever. We bonded over shared experiences – professional, personal, health – and life in general. We have both struggled to find the elusive and much-touted work-life balance as well as the right things to do.  

We were both suffering from decreased energy, brain-fog, hormonal imbalance, and life feeling like a grind instead of an adventure. We applied our problem solving/researcher skills to feel good again. We started by looking at what we were eating. We both figured out how to heal ourselves but it took a lot longer than we both expected. There was a great deal of trial and error, finding reliable resources, experimentation and continued tweaking. We have both bio-hacked our way to wellness.

We learned so much along the way and want to share that with you so that you can feel great without the “wandering in the wilderness” of advice. 

We have a shared passion for finding wellness and helping others find it too.

It is time that your life serves your needs and leaves you fulfilled.

Let us help you get there.

Lynn Everhart

co-founder of Bleu Laurel Wellness
and a Certified Wellness Coach

I spent many years prioritizing work over personal wellness which took a toll on my health. Regular doctors couldn’t help so I became a researcher to bio-hack my way back to wellness. I want to help YOU to do the same! Achieving wellness will improve your life and the lives of your family and friends. 

Kim McFadden

co-founder of Bleu Laurel Wellness

I’m a chef, foodie, teacher and fugitive from corporate America. I struggled with health issues or rather I ignored them until the wheels came off the bus. Then I got serious about what I eat and my approach to life. I am passionate about self-care and using food as a means of nurturing yourself to feel your best. I want to share this passion with you to help you navigate food and lifestyle as a vehicle for wellness.

Kind Words

"I recently attended a Bleu Laurel Wellness event and it was a great workshop! I learned valuable and easy strategies for making better nutritional choices that I could incorporate into my everyday living. Kim and Lynn created an open and welcoming environment for the group to share their stories, while helping us focus on ways to make improvements in our overall wellness. Meaningful content, knowledgeable coaches, great experience! Thank you!"

– Beth V. Gilbertsville, PA


"Lynn and Kim didn’t just give you a list of “good” foods. They taught us how to plan, buy, and prepare meals to make it easy with limited time."

– Kris L. West Palm Beach Fl


"Coaching with Lynn has helped transform my approach to wellness by talking out strategies and goals to incorporate in my day to day life."

– Rhonda C. Haddonfield NJ


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